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Last shop on line's arrival before Xmas! Grief, Suffocation.

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bones brigade records
Skartnak addict

Inscrit le: 13 Nov 2009
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MessagePosté le: Mar 20 Déc 2011 2:59    Sujet du message: Last shop on line's arrival before Xmas! Grief, Suffocation. Répondre en citant


Available on -----> GrindShop

Compact Disc

CD AGATHOCLES “Hunt Hunters/Robotized” (Bel) 10 Euros
2 split cd tracks on 1 CD, pure Mince core Brutality.

CD AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Honky Reduction” (US) 10 Euros
26 targets of Electro-grind Attack.

CD BLOOD DUSTER “Fisting the Dead” (Australia) 10 Euros
This is the Best! First Album Repress + “Yeest” Mcd + 1 comp. track + a live show!

CD BLOOD DUSTER “Str8outtanorthcote” (Australia) 10 Euros
From Groove to Grind, 2nd album with 9 bonus Blasts!!!!

CD BLOODFREAK “Minscraper” (US) 10 Euros
The return!! 12 New tracks of relentless, gore splattered, horror inspired death grind!

CD BRUTAL TRUTH “Sounds of Animal Kingdom / Kill Trend Suicide” (US) 10 Euros
Combo of the "SotAK" album + "KTS" MCD = 30 songs + bonus video! Featuring Rich Hoak of Total Fucking Destruction, Danny Lilker of Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Exit 13, etc.

Digipack BUZZOVEN “Violence from the Vault” (US) 10 Euros
first recordings to follow the bands venerable Sore album (1994), Slow violence process…!

CD CEPHALIC CARNAGE “Lucid Interval” (US) 10 Euros
High-impact blast combining various styles of heavy music with extreme grindcore.

CD DEEDS OF FLESH “Crown of Souls” (US) 10 Euros
6th full length album, technical death metal masters.

CD DEEDS OF FLESH “Of what’s to come” (US) 10 Euros
Technical extreme Death Metal, blistering drums, powerful vocals and mind blowing bass lines.

CD DISGORGE “She Lay Gutted” (US) 10 Euros
Classic!! Brutal Death monsters Disgorge, prepare to be gutted.

CD DISGORGE “Consume the Forsaken” (US) 10 Euros
Punishing brutal guttural death metal.

CD DEFEATED SANITY “Chapters of Repugnance” (Ger) 10 Euros
Brutal death metal masterpiece, Technical & ultra violent !!!

CD DISAVOWED “Stagnated Existence” (Nl) 10 Euros
Extreme Brutal Death!! 2nd album,10 songs of pure carnage!!! One of the best & famous from the Dutch scene!!
Slipcase version.

CD GAMA BOMB “Survival of the Fastest” (Irl) 10 Euros
Another storming album of high octane Thrash!! First Album.

CD GENGHIS TRON “Board up the House” (US) 10 Euros
Giant riffs and frenetic beats, extreme modern rock music into a totally unique, completely unforgettable album experience unlike any other.

CD GENOCIDE SUPERSTARS “We are born of Hate” (Swe) 10 Euros
No mosh, no fun, just unadulterated mayhem of Crust fury!!

CD GRIEF “Come to Grief” (US) 10 Euros
Classic sludge/doom release, Come To Grief. Originally released in 1994, reissue features expanded artwork and an unreleased track the band recorded for a horror movie.

CD MACABRE “Grim Reality” (US) 10 Euros
Classic by Chicago’s most notorious band MACABRE….originally released in 1987!!!

CD MACABRE “Gloom” (US) 10 Euros
Classic Reissue, 21 (+ 6 bonus ) tracks of pure Madness!!! Call it Grind, Punk, Hardcore… whatever!!! It’s Psycho violence in your face!!!

Digipack MACABRE “Grim Scary Tales” (US) 10 Euros
Back on track and all their trade-marks are here, so everybody take a seat and get ready for some intense MACABRE Metal fun as one could only expect!!

CD Digipack MACHETAZO “Necrocovered” (Spa) 10 Euros
7 Necro cover of : Carnivore, Master, Corrupted, Kreator, Darkthrone, Obituary, Septic Death. All songs with very special guest!!! (Autopsy, General Surgery, Massacre…)

CD MASTER “The Human Machine” (US-Cz) 10 Euros
New Album, Death / Thrash riffs, devastating brew of incessant head-banging mayhem!

Double-CD MISERY INDEX “Pulling out the Nails” (US) 15 Euros
Complete discography collection of splits and EPs, It features 30 tracks, including all non-album material from 2001-2008. Feature a full live-set from 2010 (recorded in Berlins K17) on DVD.

CD MOURNFUL CONGREGATION “The Unspoken Hymns” (Australia) 10 Euros
Funeral Doom, Compilation of tracks from their splits, mainly limited edition, a re-recorded track and a cover of Thergothon.

CD MOURNFUL CONGREGATION “The book of Kings” (Australia) 10 Euros
Pure Depressiv’ Funeral Doom metal, powerful and original.

Double-CD NASUM “Grind Finale” (Swe) 15 Euros
Complete discography: 152 songs!

CD PHOBIA “Serenity Through Pain” (US) 10 Euros
Classic Grind Album from one the best American Grind band. A Must!

Double-CD PIG DESTROYER “Terrifyer” (US) 15 Euros
Deranged, vicious Grind attack + 37 minutes audio DVD track Natasha. with member of Enemy Soil, Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

CD REGURGITATE “Effortless Regurgitation…” (Swe) 10 Euros
Gore Grind Album Classic, Their first bloody spit on your face!!

CD REGURGITATE “Sickeniss Bliss” (Swe) 10 Euros
One of their Best Album of Gore Blasting Grind ever!! A Must! for fans of Last Days of Humanity.

CD SAYYADINA “The great northern revisited” (Swe) 10 Euros
Collection of split 7", compilation tracks and previously unreleased songs.

Double-CD SEVERE TORTURE “From Blood …To Carnage” (1998-2004) (Nl) 13 Euros
Collection of all the recordings from their inception to 2004!! 2 Albums, 2 x 7”, 1 demo & a live album. Amazing Death Metal brutality!!!

CD SEVERE TORTURE “Slaughtered” (Nl) 10 Euros
New Album!! More brutal, eclectic and darker than ever, "Slaughtered" will blow you away!

CD SKITSYSTEM “Enkel Resa Till Rannstenen” (Swe) 10 Euros
Originally released in November 2001, this classic record was recorded by Mieszko Talarzyk of NASUM, Pure dose of Pissed off fast Crust!!

CD SPAWN OF POSSESSION “Noctambulant” (Swe) 10 Euros
Swedish brutal, technical death metal outfit's sophomore album! Features guest appearances by members of Cannibal Corpse, Severed Savior, and Disavowed!

CD SUFFOCATION “The Close of a Chapter / Live in Quebec City” (US) 10 Euros
Their very first live-record, Close of a Chapter, captures all the speed, intensity, and brutality of one of the most influential bands in death metal.

CD TERRORIZER “World Downfall” (US) 10 Euros
Classic Grind Killing Machine. A Must.

CD TERRORIZER “Darker Days Ahead” (US) 10 Euros
After 16 years of silence, the long awaited second album is finally here. Grinding is their business and it’s good.

12” LP & 10”

Gatefold LP ACID KING ”Free/Down with the Crown” (US) 14 Euros
Acid King's masterful CD and 10 inch split releases on Man's Ruin have been remastered and put out on one lovely piece of vinyl for your enjoyment. Very early and heavy material from the band.

LP ARCHAGATHUS “Coffee Grinder” (Can) 10 Euros
14 tracks recorded between 2008 & 2011, Raw Mincing Grindcore!! Limited to 440 copies, hand numbered.

LP BLOOD “Impulse to Destroy” (Ger) 10 Euros
Classic Reissue, back in stock, last copies!!! Cult Death Grind! First album repress from 1987.

LP BLOODFREAK “Mindscraper” (US) 10 Euros
The return!! 12 New tracks of relentless, gore splattered, horror inspired death grind!

Gatefold Split LP COFFINS / OTESANEK (Jap/US) 12 Euros
Crushing Doom Death / Otesanek's sparse guitars and slow tempo are akin to Khanate and Unearthly Trance.
Limited Edition to 100 copies: Clear with Blue#5 Haze

Double LP Gatefold COFFINS “Mortuary in Darkness” (Jap) 16 Euros
Old-school Death / Doom Metal, 1st Album !! Limited to 250 clear green vinyl edition.

LP GODFLESH “Streetcleaner” (UK) 12 Euros
Classic Album, Essential!!! Mixing of metal riffs with drum machine rhythms and are highly regarded as pioneers of industrial metal. Very Limited Edition.

Split LP LAHAR / STOLEN LIVES (100% Cz) 10 Euros
The perfect Mix between Thrash Old school and Fastcore, for fans of Municipal Waste, Reproach and Gride, with awesome cover songs of INFEST and Amazing cover art.

LP LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Buscando una Respuesta” (Spa) 10 Euros
Last chance for this Awesome release!! Ultimate vinyl Repress!! Anger and Old School Grind.

LP LOOKING FOR ANSWER “Biocidio” (Spa) 10 Euros
Tracks taken from the split with Kontraattaque! Grindcore in its pure Madness! (Ltd Edition)

10” MACABRE “Gloom” (US) 10 Euros
Limited Green wax, Classic Reissue, 21 tracks of pure Madness!!! Call it Grind, Punk, Hardcore… whatever!!! It’s Psycho violence in your face!!!

LP NARCOSIS “Heart slows down” (UK) 10 Euros
Math-Grind fury!! Back in stock, Lp from 2001, the last chance to complete your Narcosis collection.

EP – 7”

Split EP WORMROT / I ABHOR 4 Euros
Grind grind grind!!! 100% new tracks from both bands!!
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